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Sh. Rajesh Kumar Jain - Chairman

Sh. Rajesh Kumar Jain

Women Directors

Smt. Archana Jain - Woman Director

Smt. Archana Jain


Sh. Manoj  Kumar Jain - Director

Sh. Manoj Kumar Jain

Sh. Manish Jain - Director

Sh. Manish Jain

Sh. Devender Kumar Jain - Director

Sh. Devender Kumar Jain

Sh. Surinder Kumar Jain - Director

Sh. Surinder Kumar Jain

Sh. Parveen Jain - Director

Sh. Parveen Jain

Sh. Vinod Kumar Jain  - Director

Sh. Vinod Kumar Jain

Sh. Vinod Jain - Director

Sh. Vinod Jain

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  • The JAIN Cooperative Bank Ltd. offer AADHAR card enabled service. All Customers are advised to link their aadhaar card no. to their Saving Account for receiving GAS and other subsidy from Govt. of India.

  • To avoid inconvenience all the customers are advised to furnish their 12 digit Account number properly for receiving NEFT/RTGS and Govt. Subsidy.

  • As per the RBI Direction and mandatory change made in CTS clearing, all customers are advised to get replaced their old cheque books with new CTS-2010 Standard Cheque Books.

  • Mobile SMS Alert Facility is available to Customers.

  • In terms of provisions of Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002(PMLA) and Reserve Bank of India (RBI) guidelines, all customers are advised to submit their KYC Documents into their respective branches to avoid any inconvenience.

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Our Mission is to provide customer friendly services to all sections of the society, particularly small entrepreneurs.